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The bright future of Stabil Group: Meet Tsveta Krusheva, the office manager of Plexistab who is always positive

2020-09-23 14:25:49 The bright future of Stabil Group: Meet Tsveta Krusheva, the office manager of Plexistab who is always positive

Have you heard about Tsveti? Read this interview and you will definitely want to meet her in person!

She is talented, motivated and fun. She is another person of the Plexistab team who we consider as a big part of the bright future of Stabil Group. We see her potential and we are happy that we’ve been working side by side for three years now. We believe that with colleagues like Tsveti we can be successful and innovative together for a stable future.

Here are the questions we asked her during our meeting.

Hello, Tsveti. Tell us a few words about yourself and your job.

Hello, my name is Tsveta Krusheva and I’ve been part of Plexistab Bulgaria’s team for three years. I graduated from the University of National and World Economy with a degree in Agricultural Business and have a master's degree in Financial Control from the same university.
Even before I became part of the Plexistab team, I had experience in logistics, but in a slightly different field - the food industry.

With what Plexistab appealed to you and brought you in the company as you made the decision to become part of their team?

There comes a moment when you feel the need to make a change and to face new challenges. This has happened to me at my previous job and then I started looking for new opportunities. While reading various vacancy announcements, I was intrigued by the offer of Plexistab Bulgaria. I was attracted by the great experience of the company, the opportunities for development and the challenge of making new contacts on an international level.

Do you have any experience in the manufacturing industry and in particular with the production of hoses?

Yes. I’ve been making hoses at my home yard since I was a child! I'm kidding, of course.
My previous experience was limited to the food industry and in particular - the production of dairy products.
Until three years ago, hose manufacturing was a totally new field for me. However, this change didn’t scare me, on the contrary - it motivated me even more.

What impressed you most after you started to work in the company?

To be honest, I don't have many memories of my first day at work. Not because it was so long ago, but because of the strong emotions - from the new workplace, from the new assignments, from the new colleagues. Everything was new and I was extremely anxious, but all those worries disappeared at the moment my friendly colleagues greeted me. They were there for me, with reaching hands, since day one. I am happiest with the fact that so far my first impression hasn’t changed.
I hope that my colleagues also see in me a person they can count on - a worthy member of the close-knit Plexistab family.

Tsveta Krusheva


What is the biggest challenge you face in your work?

The biggest challenge I have faced in my work is this current interview because it is radically different from my daily role. I think this is the first interview I have ever given.

And what do you think is the biggest challenge you will face?

The future. The world is endless and provides us more than thousands of opportunities every day. The bigger we get, the bigger the world gets. Perhaps the most challenging thing for me would be to find a way to move through it by staying true to myself and to achieve the very best that I am capable of.

What motivates you?

Each of us is a part of the large mechanism of Plexistab. In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly - everyone needs to perform their duties strictly and with devotion. What better motivation than that! The satisfaction comes when you see the successful result and share it with your colleagues.

What are your new professional goals and what would you like to achieve next year?

I want to be able to meet the challenges of our new reality. Success has many different faces, but for me, the greatest success is to stay true to my real human nature.

And what do you like to do when you're not at work?

Thoughts and ideas are constantly running through my mind. I have an adventurous and free spirit, I like to walk on untrodden paths in the mountains and life. I like to read books and travel. I find the greatest comfort in the moments with my family, part of which is my dog Rex.

Describe your colleagues in three sentences.

I seem to be ahead of this question. But still here is my answer. It is extremely rare to work not with colleagues, but with people who have become friends and close. This is the most favorable environment for achieving high daily results.

Describe your work in three words.

Challenge, development, satisfaction.