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About Plexistab

Plexistab Bulgaria is the leading manufacturer of PVC hoses
on the Eastern European market, distributing products
to more than 25 countries on four continents – Europe,
Asia, Africa, Australia.

Our story

Back in 2000, the fast-growing family business Stabil Engineering, Bulgaria teamed up with the world’s leading PVC hose producer at that time, Plexaco, Greece. The result of this cooperation is Plexistab – a progressive, family-owned business with solid expertise and know-how, gained through years of working with and learning from the best.

During our partnership, we have expanded our knowledge of technology and production, polished our technical skills, and built-up management experience that, up to this date, guarantee the high quality of our products.

And just as any other family, Plexistab kept growing and evolving over the years. New and different opportunities came our way that drove our continuous thirst for learning and improvement. We dedicated plenty of time, enthusiasm, and hard work to the “project” Plexistab, Bulgaria. As a result, we built a strong technical and production team, which now ensures our rapid future development.
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Plexistab today

In 2012 it was time for Plexistab to become independent. The company became 100% Bulgarian owned and since then has been part of Stabil Group – a family holding of six companies with diversified activities that spread across local and international markets but united by true family values. With such solid foundations, we have managed to triple our production capacity by ongoing investment in production lines and infrastructure including:

7000 m²

industrial land

3000 t/year

on 11 production lines

4454 m²

of modern buildings


of production sold worldwide

Plexistab Manufacturing Process BULFLAT hoses

The History

Plexistab Company History photo team in the year 2000
Plexistab starts the production in 2002
Plexistab production of a Layflat PVC Hose
Plexistab with 11 lines of production of PVC hoses
Plexistab with a fresh new leadership with two executive directors
Plexistab Bulgaria was founded as a trading company.
Plexistab Bulgaria started its own production with two production lines.
Plexistab Bulgaria became 100% Bulgarian owned as part of Stabil Group
Plexistab Bulgaria became one of the few companies in Europe, which has a production of LayFlat PVC Hoses
Plexistab Bulgaria optimizes its production to the principles of LEAN
Plexistab Bulgaria builds a strong QA team ensuring even better quality of all its products
Plexistab Bulgaria expands its production capacity operating on 11 lines for PVC hoses
Plexistab Bulgaria with a new leadership team and an ambitious and exciting new vision for the years to come

The Leadership

As a family, we grow and progress together. That is why we also firmly believe in the natural process of development and exploration
of new horizons and new opportunities. We follow the tradition of learning from the experienced, adding knowledge and value, and embracing the enthusiasm and vision of the new generations. Team, which now ensures our rapid future development.

“Our way of doing business is inspired by true family relations and everlasting strive to improvement and innovation. We have built a strong technical and production team, which makes our future advancement possible every single day. But our main priority has always been our customers, meaning you. Our relationship with you, your satisfaction, your client’s satisfaction and the growth of your business.”

Bilyana Kutseva

Executive Director

“Our strength comes from our family focus. Our whole family has put their life into this company and we will continue with the same devotion in the years to come. But also, our employees, our customers have become part of this family and we look into our common future together, with shared goals, united by partnership. Tradition and knowledge mixed with modern tools for efficiency and expansion is our formula for success.”

Miryana Dzhebyan

Executive Director


Growing together -
one hose at a time



We want to be the preferred supplier for our international client base.


By offering a complete assortment with high quality products, best class service and a high level of professionalism in all aspects of our business.


Through this approach, we will reach a podium position in our markets and offer continuity and success for our clients, employees and shareholders alike.



  • We are fast and effective problem solvers.
  • We are responsive to change in order to satisfy our clients’ needs.
  • We are flexible in our assortment and services.


  • We are pro-active and we keep our promises to clients and to our employees.
  • We offer On Time and In Full service.


  • We offer job security & personal growth opportunities for our employees.
  • We deliver quality products to our clients.
  • We build long lasting partnerships.

We are made
to create

We have a strong, ambitious, and close-knit team which works on delivering the best products, separated in three main categories by brand: BULFLEX (Spiral Reinforces Flexible Hoses), BULVYL (Polyester Yarn Reinforced Braided Hoses), BULSTEEL (Metal Spiral Reinforces Flexible Hoses) and BULFLAT (Double Layer PVC Layflat Hoses).

Our products are consumables, with various application in different fields and industries, including:

Lean - a new era in production

Since innovation is part of our DNA, we have embarked on a new journey in search for efficiency and quality in production. We have taken the first steps towards adopting a LEAN production model that encompasses elimination of all waste elements, practices, and processes that do not bring any market value.
By embracing the LEAN methodology throughout all the structures of our company, we aim at becoming:

  • More flexible and adaptive to the market;
  • More sustainable and economic in our production;
  • More efficient in our day-to-day work;
  • And more modern and progressive in our collective mindset.
Plexistab Lean Production

Quality guarantee

At Plexistab Bulgaria we have guaranteed quality for both our products and the effectivity of our processes.

We strictly comply with all EU plastics regulations, ensuring that all our products are produced with material, which complies with the RoHS and REACH substance restrictions. Also, we constantly monitor our products with special applications, whether Food Quality or UV protection, at independent outside laboratories. Multiple certifications are available for our customers upon request.

Last, but not least, we apply the standards of ISO 9001:2015 both to the Quality Management of our products and to our processes of internal communication, customer service and delivery, which have always been our number one priority. This is why all the technical product data in this catalogue is guaranteed. 


Work together

Our main priority has always been our customers, meaning you. We aim to ensure first, your and your customers’ satisfaction and second, your sustainable business growth. That is why we strive to create long-lasting relations with our customers and mutually beneficial business partnerships. We have reached a 10-year history with many of our customers, which is both a great achievement and a solid step stone for a successful and healthy common growth strategy.

We make sure that our commercial and logistics team is able to maintain a close contact with all our partners in many languages, like: Bulgarian – English – Russian – German – Spanish.

We reach beyond boarders

Plexistab is the leading manufacturer of PVC hoses on the Eastern European market and as such, we are always looking for new opportunities and potential market expansion. So far, we have achieved 89% export of our production in more than 25 countries worldwide and on 4 continents.

Plexistab Executive Directors


Our product portfolio spans four distinct brands of hoses, serving diverse sectors from agriculture to industry.

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