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Our ambitious team works day and night on delivering the best products, separated in four main categories by brand:

  • BULFLEX (Spiral Reinforced Flexible Hoses),
  • BULVYL (Polyester Yarn Reinforced Braided Hoses),
  • BULSTEEL (Metal Spiral Reinforced Flexible hoses),
  • BULFLAT (Double Layer PVC Layflat Hoses).
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This hose can be used for sheathing and protection of cables used in industry, electronics, agriculture and construction
This hose can be used for draining out condensation water from air conditioner indoor unit.
This hose can be used for аir ducting, fume extraction, ventilation, air conditioning, vacuum systems and many other industrial applications.
This hose can be used for air ducting, dust and fume extraction suction of sawdust and yarns in textile industry, ventilation, industrial and domestic vacuum cleaning equipment.
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