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PVC Braided Garden Hose

This hose can be used for water delivery in gardening, horticulture, floriculture, construction sites etc.


3. Solid black, soft PVC inner layer
2. Braided polyester yarn reinforcement
1. Solid yellow, soft PVC outer wall
302N: PVC Braided Garden Hose

Technical parameters

code inch mm mm gr/m bar bar m
V302N013 1/2 13 17.2 160 9 28 25/50/100
V302N016 5/8 16 20.4 195 8 24 25/50/100
V302N019 3/4 19 23.6 260 7 22 25/50/100
V302N025 1 25 30.4 350 7 20 25/50/100

* Working and bursting pressure valid at 20°C
** Length tolerance +/- 5%
*** Inner Diemeter tolerance +/- 2%

Available colors:


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