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Plexistab Bulgaria with a New Corporate Identity in 2023

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We are happy and proud to present to you the new Corporate Identity of Plexistab Bulgaria EAD!
As you will notice the complete look & feel of our corporate identity has changed. We not only modernized it, we also brought in three key words that clearly represent who we are and what we stand for: FLEXIBLE, RELIABLE, DURABLE.


The new Corporate Identity was officially launched on Saturday, 16th May, alongside with our newly designed website you can now access via The new navigation structure of the website immediately improved clarity, a few clicks will take you to all appropriate and relevant information.

With the design of our brand new catalog, we strive to highlight the diversity and versatility of our products and their many applications, divided in two main product lines:

Spiral Reinforced Flexible Hoses – “BULFLEX

PVC Yarn Reinforced Braided Hoses – “BULVYL


This corporate make-over represents Plexistab’s positive professional development as a company, and we hope you share our enthusiasm.

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