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Open Doors in Plexistab Bulgaria

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As part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of Stabil Engineering Ltd. an intercompany day of “Open doors” was organized on the 17th May 2014 and Plexistab Bulgaria EAD was an enthusiastic participant. Plexistab counted on originality and hospitability to convey to their guests the importance that they place on people-relation skills. All guests and colleague could help themselves to nice food and refreshments, all hand made from the staff, while enjoying a tour around the administrative building and production hall.

What followed was a company presentation, featuring the whole team. It was meant to represent the coherent work practice, which has succeeded in adapting in Plexistab, as well as the dedication of its employees.

Moreover, intercompany games were organized. As the games were connected with the company’s products and their applications, the competition was a good way for all visitors to get more informed about the line of work and experience first-hand the quality of the goods, all the while having great fun.

The event was a great success. It was of extreme importance as a platform to present Plexistab’s new corporate identity (new logo, new website, new catalogue) to colleagues and visitors.

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