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BULFLAT: The New Layflat on the Market

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The diversity of Layflat hoses – the most user-friendly hose with countless applications

Layflat is a yarn reinforced PVC hose. It can be with a single-layer or double-layer structure. As the name suggests one of its key properties is the hose’s ability to be laid flat for easier usage and also another ability – to collapse upon itself for storage purposes. Layflat hoses are most broadly used for delivery of water or other more aggressive liquids in many different sectors. The most important one is agriculture. Within the agriculture industry, Layflat hoses are mainly used to irrigate crops.

Actually, Layflat hoses completely revolutionized the way crops are watered for several reasons: (1) they have a long life span and (2) they are flexible and (3) easy to transport. Also (4) they do not need special digs to be placed in, because they are flat and (5) even if agriculture machinery runs them over, that does not compromise their structure. Also, (6) the hose is very easy to handle, so during the winter time it can be collected from the field without much effort and (7) storage effectively, because it takes very little space. The type if Layflat, used most often for this purpose is the Light Duty Layflat hose (pressure until 4bar). Even though this is the most common application for this product it is far from being its only one. For example Layflat hoses also have Industrial applications. A very popular one is in construction engineering, where these hoses are a very good fit due to their flexible properties. On construction sites it is hard to deliver water, because most places are hard to access. But not for the Flat hose, because of its extra flexibility and compact nature. In construction the pressure running through the hoses is much higher than in agriculture (6-8bar). That is why for this application, Medium Duty Layflat Hose is required. The Layflat hoses also have some very exotic uses with need for extreme high pressure resistance (16bars and more). These are the Heavy Duty Layflats. These very resistible and durable hoses can be used in mines for redirecting water from mining areas into natural watercourses. Another possibility are fracking zones, where Layflats are the preferred medium for large volumes of water to be pumped across rugged terrain. These, of course, are just highlights in the possibilities that a Layflat hose provides, because really it can be used anywhere, where it is not easy to transport water.

A new chapter for Plexistab

BULFLAT is Plexistab’s brand new product, making its debut in the summer of 2017. It is a Double Layer, polyester yarn reinforces Layflat hose, which makes it a product of top quality. As 5 years ago Plexistab used to be a part of the renowned Greek manufacturer PLEXACO S.A. many of our products are produced with their valuable know-how. BULFLAT is not an exception. Available in a variety of densities (4bar, 6bar, 8bar, 10bar, 16bar), roll length (25m-100m) and diameter sizes (25mm-203mm), our BULFLAT hoses combine the excellent, much missed quality of Plexaco with the contemporary needs of the market.

Strong points – the advantages of beign Flat
Flexible Layflat hoses offer many advantages over more inflexible types of hoses or pipes.

Easy to Store

Layflat hoses are 100% compressible, allowing them to be stored into compact spaces. This is very beneficial not only for the manufacturer, but mainly for the client. This product’s collapsible design, means that storing is easy and simple. Also, as oppose to other PVC spiral hoses, which are very space-consuming, because you basically transport air, the Layflat hose is compact and therefore cheaper to transport.

Corrosion Resistance

Layflat hoses are resistant to most oxidizing and reducing agents. Their features also help to avoid the onset of rotting and helps avoid abrasion – this means the lifespan of a layflat hose is very long. With the ability to resist abrasion, Layflat hoses are able to withstand heavy duty use. Also, they are very well reinforced, which allows them to withstand great pressure, without losing their flexibility

Easy to Handle

The main benefit of this product is the ease of handling compared to rigid pipe systems. For example, five kilometers of Layflat can be installed in a matter of hours. That makes them very user-friendly for all their users, especially the farmers

About Plexistab – the leader for PVC hose manufacturing in East Europe

Plexistab Bulgaria EAD is a family run business, the first manufacturer of PVC hoses in Bulgaria and the leader on the East-European market. We aim for fast development and adaption of new products that enrich our product range. We definitely have an international focus, having in mind that we export 86% of our production all around Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
After 15 successful years on the market the last three years have been very important for Plexistab. We succeeded in a very complex process of corporate rebranding, which allowed us a more competitive position on the market. Also we started several projects for enriching our portfolio, including the production of BULSTEEL, a Metal Spiral Reinforced PVC Hose.
But of course our greatest challenge yet is the new production of BULFLAT and the new horizons it opens for us, which we are eager to explore in the coming years.

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