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Plexistab Bulgaria presents BULFLAT @ Hydrosystems, Romania

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On the 24th and 25th March 2018 the team of Plexistab Bulgaria was an honorable guest at Hydrosystems Romania’s 14th birthday.

We were happy to spend the weekend in Bucharest, Romania, to meet our long-term partners and many others colleagues from Europe. We spoke with current customers and also presented our full assortment to all the guests of the event.

Plexistab was one of the companies that had a stand in the warehouse of Hydrosystems. Everyone was welcomed there for a short talk with us. We answered a lot of questions and met a lot of great people. Many Plexistab catalogues and brochures were given away and caught the eyes of the visitors. Everyone had the opportunity to test our hoses, to talk with our sales manager and to take a special gift from our stand.

Our sales manager, Miryana Kutseva, presented Plexistab by sharing our vision and mission. She stood in front of our customers and partners and talked about our history and where we are now. The presentation was product orientated and was streaming LIVE. You can see it at the bottom of the article.

Miryana gave everybody TOP 5 tips, which are good to remember when we talk about hoses.

UV Protection. The foil, with which every PVC hose roll is packaged is with UV protection. Nevertheless, you should never leave a hose under the direct sun light. Because of Greenhouse effect the inside temperature of the hose could reach 80˚C or even 90˚C, but the PVC can only sustain to 60˚C. Under the sunlight the hose will start to deforms or even melts, if it stays like this for weeks.
Store on pallets. Always store the hoses on pallets even when the stock comes to you without pallets. And when you do it, have in mind that the column should not be too high, because the weight also becomes a problem as the bottom roll can also be deformed.
The bending radius. When you have to cut a peace of the hose and then to roll it back together, watch out for the bending radius. If you don’t keep this bending radius, you can see a deformation in the hose.
Something in between the columns of the pallets. When you transport the hoses make sure that you put something in between the columns of the pallets. Like Velpape paper. Its purpose is to prevent two rolls from rubbing against each other, which causes damage to the spiral.
Never place the roll vertically. When you place the hoses on the floor or on the pallet, never place them vertically, because in a couple of weeks you will see deformations.

Miryana Kutseva presented also Plexistab’s main products from the brands Bulflex and Bulvyl, but the special accent was Bulflat – our new double layer layflat hose.

Plexistab started the production of Bulflat in the end of 2017. We already have had a lot of success in some markets. We offer 5 different series for the most wanted pressures in sizes up to 203mm. Keep in mind that the bigger the size becomes, the bar goes down a little bit.

Which are the Bulflat’s strongest points?

We are using know-how from Plexaco Greece and their technology also. This guarantees the quality of Bulflat. We have laboratory certificates for all the pressures so they are also completely guaranteed. You can see this in Plexistab’s catalogue.

We use only virgin material for the inside of the hose which is not the case with a lot of our competitors. For 8 bar, 10 bar, 16 bar hose we also have rubber additives which makes the hoses even stronger.

And last but not at least all the series of the hose have UV protection, because these hoses are mostly used in agriculture and in order to prolong the life of our product we need this UV protection against the sun.

Because the hose is flat when there is no water inside it, agricultural machines are able to pass through without any problem. The hose is also resistant to water and humidity. This is a big advantage compared to pipes which start to corrode with the time.

You can also use Bulflat for multiple seasons. All you have to do is to store it correctly between the seasons. Just roll it in a small roll and place it somewhere safe. It is much easier than pipes for installation and deinstallation and also it doesn’t need much space. These are actually two of the main reasons why costumers prefer to use Bulflat.

What is our advice with Bulflat?

Bulflat is double layer layflat, so do not break its surface. Don’t use it as the mono layer layflat, because when you break the surface of the double layer hose, if it is not properly done, an air bubble can be created between the two layers. And then, when you start actually using it, the hose will fill with water in between the layers, cause pressure and just burst.

You need to know and make sure that the costumers know the difference, between the double layer and the single layer layflat. Many of the products which are offered on the market in Romania and Bulgaria are single layer so we need to make sure that our product is different and better. We are making sure we are above the standard of most producers. For some sizes we perform better in pressures and it is guaranteed. The braid of the hose is extremely important for us and with Bulflat it is made from polyester yarn. We are using of course materials that apply to all the European standards. The UV protection of the outer layer prolongs the life of the product and this seriously reduces the amortization of the hose.

The team of Plexistab Bulgaria is greeting Hydrosystems for their 14th birthday and appreciates the invitation and the amazing organization. We wish our partner a lot of success and many more reasons to celebrate together in the future.

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